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The Seed Tracker (ST) is an ICT tool that digitally links seed value chain actors, tracks seed production, and organizes information. The ST provides digital data collection tools (usable on any internet-enabled device with an android operating system). It offers secure individual and group accounts, and a database with analytics and geographic information system (GIS) tools. The ST covers all stages of the seed value chain and the needs of stakeholders: researchers, extensionists, regulators, seed producers, traders, service providers, and farmers.

It supports seed production planning, seed traceability, seed inventory management, and quality assurance. The Seed Tracker allows regulatory authorities to monitor the production of certified seed and provides real time information exchange between seed producers and regulators. It is also a business tool that helps to link seed producers with customers. It offers real-time information on seed production by seed class, variety, volume, and location. The ST can be customized to fit different crops, national seed regulations, and user-defined needs. ST has the potential to map gender disaggregated information.

Seed Tracker has been piloted in Nigeria and Tanzania as ‘Cassava Seed Tracker’ for cassava seed systems through the BASICS and BEST projects,  respectively  ( Work is in progress to customize Seed Tracker for yam seed systems as part of the YIIFSWA-II project in Nigeria and Ghana; cassava seed value chain management in Brazil; cassava peel value chain in Nigeria; and AfDB funded TAAT cassava compact value chain.

Examples of questions that the tool can address

The ST was originally conceived for pragmatic, individual purposes of all the seed value chain actors. However, it could also be used to ask  system level questions.

  • Where do I find customers?
  • How can I register and get certification of my seed online?
  • What are the current trends in seed production and certification?
  • Where and who are the seed producers, customers, varieties grown, volumes and seed production fields?
For more information on the tool

Contact Lava Kumar (International Institute of Tropical Agriculture):

Seed tracker