Where we work

The toolbox for working with root, tuber and banana seed systems has been used across the world. To date, fifteen countries in sub-Saharan Africa, seven countries in Southeast Asia, and four countries in North and South America have used the tools to strengthen and improve interventions in formal and informal seed systems. To date we have documented 46 Tool x Crop x Country combinations. 

The interactive map and table below allow you to explore the use cases in detail.

Click and drag to move around the map, and use your mouse scroll wheel or the slider at the bottom to zoom in and out. Click on a country to isolate it, or hold ctrl + click to select multiple countries. Use the drop-down menus above to filter the results by Tool, Crop, or Country. The table on the right will update to show your selection, including clickable reference links taking you to the published article or report detailing the case. We are committed to open access science and strive to make all materials openly available to the public. If you encounter an article you cannot access, please reach out to the author or visit the Support and Contact section of the Toolbox website. 

This map will be updated as the tools are used in additional contexts.