Decentralized Multipliers (DMs)


Seed systems


“The model of improving seed availability and access through local, decentralized multipliers (DMs) is widely exploredwithin the context of different seed system approaches. It is seen as a solution for situations where the public sector does not have the capacity or the reach and large-scale private sector companies are not interested or present (e.g. Alemu, Tesfaye, Ayana, & Borman, 2013; Mubangizi, Mesigwe, & Thijssen, 2013; FAO and ICRISAT, 2015; AGRA2016, Van Mele, Bentley, & Guéi,2011; DeRoo, 2016), or not serving farmers’ interest (Bezner Kerr, 2013). DMs are mostly thoughtof as farmer groups, cooperatives or individual local entrepreneurs – actors who are seen as potential bridge builders between the formal and farmer systems. Moreover, such local seed production is expected to generate local employment and income, especially for women’s groups or young people.”


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Nov. 2020