Four-square / four cell




1) “The four-square analysis is a method that helps obtain greater detail on agrobiodiversity at the village and farm level.”

2) “The Four Cell Approach (Sthapit B., 2006) is a participatory rapid rural appraisal technique that was originally created to assess the abundance (richness) and distribution (evenness) of the production of crops, animal and collected species with in farming communities. The method has been adapted to include market (sale and purchase), diet and production assessment in local livelihoods.”

Note: the approach has also been adapted into the ‘four square method’ tool found in the RTB seed systems toolbox.


1) Sperling, L., Remington, T., Haugen, J.M., Nagoda, S., 2004. Addressing seed security in disaster response: linking relief with development. International Center for Tropical Agriculture, Cali, Colombia.

2) Ranieri et al., 2016. Agrobiodiversity 4-Cell Method: A Rapid System diagnosis tool.

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