“1) “”The term ‘seed’ is often loosely used to describe planting material for vegetatively propagated crops, including stem and root cuttings of cassava and sweet potato, and suckers of bananas, as well as ‘true’ seed.””

2) “”In the context of agriculture, seeds can be broadly defined as all living materials used to plant a crop. Seeds are the living organisms which carry the genetic properties of crop plants. For some crops,including wheat, rice, maize, and most vegetables, the genetic information is carried within dry seeds. For other crops, including cassava, sugarcane, bananas, and some cut flowers, the ‘seeds’ used are actually cuttings of tubers or other vegetative part of the plant which is detached and then replanted to grow another plant.”””



“1) CABI. 2014. Good Seed Initiative: a strategy for CABI-led work on seed systems in Sub-saharan Africa and South Asia, 2014-2019.

2) Jaffee, S., Srivastava, J., 1992. Seed system development: the appropriate roles of the private and public sectors, World Bank discussion papers. World Bank, Washington, D.C.”

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