Variety (of plant)


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“1) “”The 1991 Act of the UPOV Convention makes this clear by stating in Article1(vi) that a variety is a plant grouping that can be “defined by the expression of the characteristics resulting from a given genotype or combination of genotypes” and can be “distinguished from any other plant grouping by the expression of at least one of the said characteristics.”””

2) “The term ‘variety’ refers to the group of phenotypes identified by farmers under a single name.””


“1) UPOV, 2002. General introduction to the examination of distinctness, uniformity and stability and the development of harmonized descriptions of new varieties of plants.

2) Elias, M., Mckey, D., Panaud, O., Anstett, M. C., Robert, T. 2001. Traditional Management of Cassava morphological and Gentic Diversity by the Makushi Amerindian (Guyana, South America): Perspective for on-farm conservation of Crop Genetic Resources. Euphytica 120:143–157.

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