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“The most important stakeholders, the farmers who demand seed, who accept or reject new crop varieties and who manage most root, tuber, and banana seed on their farms. Women and men often have different needs as users”


Bentley, J.W., Andrade-Piedra, J., Demo, P., Dzomeku, B., Jacobsen, K., Kikulwe, E., Kromann, P., Kumar, P.L., McEwan, M., Mudege, N., Ogero, K., Okechukwu, R., Orrego, R., Ospina, B., Sperling, L., Walsh, S., Thiele, G., 2018. Understanding root, tuber, and banana seed systems and coordination breakdown: a multi-stakeholder framework. Journal of Crop Improvement 32, 599–621.

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Nov. 2020
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