Schematic representation of a seed system.
The tools that can be used to study or improve different components of a seed system are shown in brown rectangles.
Click on the name of each tool for detailed information.

A seed system can be visualized in different ways. The figure above presents the seed system as a seed value chain, showing where each of the 11 tools can be used to provide information on one or more segments. Several tools are integrative, and can be used across the whole value chain, or a large part of it.

Another entry point for choosing the right tool is the project cycle.

The toolbox is a living initiative that will evolve over time. As shown in the figure above, there are components of a seed value chain that are not being addressed by the current tools. For example, tools are needed to help design strategies to disseminate improved varieties, or to help select rapid multiplication techniques to produce early generation seed. New tools will be added to cover these gaps in the future.